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Pitch Deck

An investment pitch deck showcases a company’s product and its potential business growth to investors, partners, and valued patrons.



    Pitch Deck (Business Plan)

    What is a Business Plan?

    The business plan is a document via which a startup showcases its potential for success in an easily understandable and shareable manner to potential investors, VCs, Private Equity firms, banks, or even a potential co-founder.

    Advantages of having a Business Plan

    Convince Those Who Matter

    The business plan is where start-ups showcase their potential for success in an easily understandable presentation that bank executives, private equity investors and others would all understand.

    Equity Funding

    If you’re a technologist with deep expertise in building products, but having difficulties in presenting your vision in a way that makes business sense, you will need a business plan/pitch deck to close your funding round.

    Use our Experience

    Indiabizfiling has built an in-house team of experts who have helped multiple early-stage startups raise millions of dollars in VC funding. They bring their deep domain knowledge and expertise having worked with investors across sectors and stages to guide you in your fundraising journey.

    Build the Roadmap

    A business plan/pitch deck can serve as an internal memo for the founding team, to set benchmarks and track its progress as a business over a period of time.

    What encompasses a Business Plan?


    Elevator Pitch

    A quick and crisp synopsize of your startup – the problem it is solving



    Your solution to the massive problem you have identified.


    Market Analysis

    Insights into the market and the opportunity it presents



    Evidence that your business differs from other businesses and why it will succeed


    Business Model

    How will you generate revenue and grow the same.


    Go-To-Market Strategy

    What’s your strategy to acquire customers and attain massive growth


    Current Traction

    What’s your current traction and key business metrics


    Founding Team

    An overview of the domain expertise and the background of the founding team and other key advisors, partners, or investors.

    Pitch Deck Building Process

    5 Working Days

    We will ask startups to share data of their business in a proprietary format, using which we perform an in-depth analysis of the business and competitors. The data requested from startups will be broad-ranging right from the vision for the company to the finer details such as business model, customer acquisition costs, breakdown of revenues, etc.

    10 Working Days

    We share a rough version of the business plan/pitch deck in text format. Upon confirmation from the startup, within 10 working days, we will be able to deliver an end-to-end business plan that will visually impress a potential investor or partner.

    4 Working Days

    We encourage iterations requested by the startups on the business plan upto 4 working days after delivering the first draft of the deck.

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