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Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture is a contract and falls under the definition of a contract. It is a contract between two or more business entities for a fixed period of time. This contract binds a legal obligation to the members who entered in the contract in true and fair conscience.



    Joint Venture Agreement

    A joint venture is basically a tactical partnership in which two or more than two companies or individuals decides to put in products, services and capital to establish a commercial project.

    The main key for success in joint venture in India is the compatibility and understanding between the contracting parties.

    The associated parties must aim for a goal together and the conditions must be written in the clauses of Joint Venture Agreement. This can maintain the success of the collaboration in Indian scenario.

    • Two or more parties must have the intension of getting involved in a partnership or a venture.
    • Both the parties invest in the venture or according to the agreement.
    • Each party is assigned with duties and rights as per the partnership.
    • The terms of the agreement define the venture or the partnership that includes the agreement span and the share of the parties.

    The two options available for establishing a joint venture in India are:

    • Contractual joint venture
    • Equity based joint venture

    Benefits of a Joint Venture


    • New insights and expertise
    • Better resources
    • It is only temporary
    • Both parties share the risks and costs
    • Joint ventures can be flexible
    • There are ways to exit a joint venture
    • You will know what’s yours and will be able to sell it
    • You are more likely to succeed
    • You will build relationships and networks
    • Your potential will virtually be limitless
    • You get to save money by sharing advertising and marketing costs
    • International joint venture eradicates the risk of discrimination.


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