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Class 3 Digital Signature with ePass Token

Class III Digital signature (Individual) with 2 years validity and secure USB token.

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  • ePass 2003 USB Encrypted Token
  • 2 Year Digital Signature


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    Digital Signature Certificate Online

    A Digital Signature Certificate in India establishes the identity of the sender for filing or sending the documents electronically of all through the internet. It is similar to a Handwritten signature that establishes the identity and consent of the signee for electronic records.

    DSC in India is a secure digital key that is issued by the certifying authorities for validating and certifying the validity of the person who is holding the certificate. Digital Signatures use public-key encryption for the creation of a signature. A Digital Signature Certificate has information about the Name of the user, Pin code, Country, Email Address, Certificate issuance date, and the name of the certifying authority.

    Digital Signature Certificate in India is issued by the Controller of Certifying Authority. eMudhra is one of the Certifying Authorities that issues the Digital Signature Certificate in India. There are other certifying authorities like the N code solution, National informatics center, SafeScrypt, and Institute for development and research in Banking technology.

    IndiaBizFiling can help you obtain a Class 3 Digitial Signature certificate in India with a validity of 2 years and a secure USB token. There is no need to submit your documents manually or through a courier. All the Digital Signatures are provided with FIPS-compliant ePass USB token to protect the Signature until the end of validity.

    Documents Required For Class 3 Digital Signature with ePass Token

    PAN Card Copy
    Passport Copy
    Electricity bill
    Gas Bill
    Aadhar Card
    Passport Size Photo


    Class 3 Digital Signature with ePass Token FAQ’s

    1. What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

    A Digital Signature is the signature in electronic format which is used to authenticate the identity of the sender or the signee of the document. DSCs are easily transportable and cannot be initiated and intimated easily by anyone.

    2. Why is DSC required?

    DSC is required to send and receive the documents digitally and encrypt the emails/documents. It is also required for eTendering, eProcurement, eFiling, Income Tax filing, and also in many other applications.

    3. Who issues the DSC?

    The Controller of Certifying Authorities has granted the DSC issuing rights to the Certifying Authorities under section 24 of the Indian Act 2000.

    4. Is e-filing possible if I don’t have a DSC?

    No, as per the MCA rules a Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory for eFiling.

    5. Is there any validity of the Digital Signature Certificate?

    Yes, DSCs are valid in India for a period of 2 to 3 years they need to be renewed after that.

    6. Is it possible to make changes to the DSC while renewing it?

    The only changes to be made to the DSC while renewal is in the change in address and the contact details of the person.

    7. Can a person have two DSC?

    Yes, an individual can possess two different Digital Signature certificates.

    8. What is the time required for obtaining the DSC in India?

    It takes around three to seven days to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate in India.



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