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We help startups with –

  1. Crafting a winning narrative through the pitch deck
  2. Venture Valuation & Investment Readiness Assessment
  3. Credible Legal & Fundraising experts
  4. Introduction to right and relevant investors




    Fundraising – An overview

    In the early stages of a startup when founders are figuring out the Product-Market Fit and trying to hit the escape velocity, fundraising can be a daunting task. Raising investment for attaining growth and scale involves time commitment from founders when they already have their hands full with building the company. Building the pitch deck, financial projections, and reaching out to investors involves strategic planning. Most startup founders in India find it difficult to navigate the ever-evolving Indian VC landscape with:

    • Valuating their venture
    • Assessing their venture’s investment readiness
    • Crafting a winning narrative for their pitch deck
    • Accessing credible fundraising experts and legal experts for due diligence
    • Finding and connecting with the right investors
    • Pitching to Investors
    • Negotiating the deal
    • Closing the round

    How to raise funds for startup

    The very first step of your journey with Indiabizfiling during your fundraising journey will be helping you assess your venture’s investibility. We offer early-stage startups our proprietary Indiabizfiling Investment Readiness Score that helps you self-assess your venture.

    We make startups understand how much their company is worth? And whether the business is ready for venture investment?

    • We Analyse – Share information about your business and your team. Our investment team will undertake a deep-dive analysis and help you put together a narrative for the pitch deck.
    • We Design – Our visual design specialists will craft your pitch deck that reflects your startup’s vision and ambition
    • We Deliver – Within 14 business days, we help you with a completed pitch deck.

    The various funding stages:

    Seed round (commonly called seed funding): As the name suggests, the company gets ‘seeded’ with the initial funds to conceptualize the business idea and bring it to the market. At this stage, a business may not even have a fully working prototype and could still be working towards developing the product.

    Series A: Once the company develops the product or service and begins to gain traction and Product-Market fit, it starts looking out for VCs for the next round of funding, to aid in its early stage of growth.

    Series B: By this time, the business would have established a working business model and gained sufficient credibility in its target segment. Now, with the potential to grow further, additional capital would be required to expand operations and reach more customers.

    Series C: This round of funding happens when the company has proved its mettle in the industry and is on the lookout for further expansion of the customer base in new markets, targeting acquisitions, and looking at innovation on other types of products. This may also be the last stage in a company’s growth cycle after which it might go for an initial public offer (IPO).

    Process of Fundraising for Business

    Indiabizfiling helps ambitious entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with best-in-class fundraising service to scale up their business. Our experts can be instrumental in getting your business off the ground.

    • We Write – Just tell us about yourself and what you’re working on, and we’ll put it all together in your pitch deck
    • We Design – Our design specialists will make sure your pitch deck reflects your brand’s image and concept
    • We Deliver – Within 14 business days, you’ll receive your completed pitch deck.
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